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Vital Features to Prioritise When Looking to Install Residential Security Doors

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There are plenty of reasons why you could be thinking of purchasing a security door. Not only do these specialised doors work to provide your household with utmost privacy, but they will provide you with peace of mind since they are tasked with preventing intruders from accessing your home. Moreover, the right security doors will also go a long way in bolstering the visual appeal of the exterior of your home as well as the value of your property. Read More»

The Top 3 Benefits of Installing a Fire Rated Door On Your Business Premises

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Doors are the most important access control measure that you have on your business premises. However, they can also determine your safety in case of a fire. The regular doors heat up in the event of a fire. Some materials like wood even catch fire, and some frames cave in, speeding up the fire destruction. However, when you have a quality fire-rated door, you enhance your building’s fire safety. Here are the top three benefits of installing fire doors on your premises. Read More»

Are You Fire-Door Compliant? Find Out Below

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The role that the fire doors play is vital to the protection of any building. These doors are essential when there is a fire outbreak as they limit the spread of fire and smoke in the building to a certain degree. Tragic fire outbreaks have led to the revision of the codes relating to the fire doors. But with all the other responsibilities, building owners who have fire doors, in most cases, fall by the wayside. Read More»

Reasons to Choose Blinds Instead of Curtains for Your Home

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You might be debating whether to install curtains or blinds in your home. The one you prefer depends on your priorities and needs. Consider the following reasons why you might favour blinds. Make Rooms Appear Larger Curtains create a lush effect in a room because of their folds of fabric that add softness. However, all this material and visual detailing can make a room appear smaller by taking up space. That’s why blinds are a better option if your priority is to make your home feel more open and spacious. Read More»