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4 Solid Reasons to Invest in Steel Security Doors

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Today, many property owners are prioritising the safety of their buildings to curb the increased cases of theft and crime. Most of them consider steel security doors ideal options for guaranteeing safety on their commercial or residential properties. Typically designed from zinc-coated metals, steel security doors are durable, fire-resistant, rust-proof and support advanced locking. Still not convinced of investing in steel security doors on your property? Consider these four unique benefits they offer: 

Highly Energy-Efficient

The first reason you want to invest in steel security doors is their higher energy efficiency. Steel doors create a good insulation layer. Its excellent conductivity helps improve indoor room temperature. Ideally, thicker steel doors prevent cold air from entering the room while allowing your air conditioning system to cool the property more efficiently. By investing in steel security doors, you can save more money on energy costs on your property. 

Offer High-End Security 

Every property owner contemplates what might happen if burglars invade their premises and try to steal or cause damage. The safety and security of people within the property might be at risk. Additionally, expensive possessions and items might be stolen or compromised. It's a scary thought for almost any property owner. 

However, steel security doors can help provide more of the much-needed security than other doors designed from conventional materials. For example, wooden security doors are easier to break into and offer access to the building. However, steel security doors make it impossible to break into the building. In turn, this provides more peace of mind to you as a property owner knowing the safety and security of your building are guaranteed. 

Subtle Security for Residences at Risk

Steel security doors don't just protect empty properties. They are ideal for vulnerable or security-conscious individuals or extremely busy commercial properties. These doors can come in different varieties with designs that closely resemble wooden or PVC options yet provide enhanced security features, including: 

  • Reinforced framing
  • Anti-force bar lips
  • Drill-proof and impact-resistant locks
  • Reinforced fixing plates

Fire Resistance Protection

Finally, steel security doors feature custom fitting that helps eliminate cracks and draughts for smoke to escape. Their heat resistance ensures that they provide solid protection during fire emergencies, preventing the further spread of fire throughout the premise. Steel security doors compliant with Australian fire standards AS1530 and AS1905 can provide fire protection for up to four hours. They make a big difference when raising a fire alarm and getting people to safety in time. 

These are the four reasons you should invest in steel security doors on your commercial or residential property. For more info about security doors, contact a local company.