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Shower Screens: Three Indispensable Precautions for Door Installation

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When installing a shower screen as part of your bathroom remodel, you must consider the placement of the door. This consideration is particularly crucial if your bathroom space is small. Poor planning for this feature can cause multiple problems, including bad aesthetics, impractical elements and even slippage accidents. Therefore, you must ensure proper planning and correct execution for your new shower screen. Here are critical tips to remember for shower door installation.

Evaluate the Space The available space in your bathroom will determine the approach to installing a door for your shower screen. Therefore, evaluate the area before choosing the best door design for your needs. If you have plenty of space, you can select any type of shower door. Large enclosures can be fitted with sliding or swinging entrances. Limited spaces might require a practical calculation of the needed space for a door. For example, swinging doors require more room, so consider the radius of an opening door if you are interested in this option. You can also inquire about unique angles for door installation to maximise flexibility.

Choose the Glass Glass shower screens are popular because of their clarity, durability and low maintenance requirements. However, you cannot overlook their fragility when installing a door for your shower space. If the shower door is not sturdy and stable, the performance of the compartment will be limited. Therefore, check the local regulations on the minimum dimensions for a shower screen door. Ensure that you exceed both the minimum size and thickness for optimal performance. Also, choose tempered or toughened glass for safety to minimise the risks in case of accidental breakage.

Consider the Kerb When installing a shower door, you must understand the importance of a kerb. You can have the door flush against the floor in your design. This option is suitable if you do not want a barrier between the shower screen and the rest of the bathroom. Moreover, the configuration is perfect if you would like to create an accessible space for someone with a physical handicap or limitations. Still, installing a small barrier in the form of a kerb has significant benefits. The most prominent advantage is the prevention of indiscriminate water flow in the bathroom. The kerb will ensure that the water in the closure does not spread to the rest of the space. For the best results, this feature should slant slightly inwards. Finally, make sure that the installation spot in the walls has strong studs to support the weight of the shower screen door.

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