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Why Custom Wrought Iron Security Doors Will Add Value To Your Residence

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For a majority of homeowners, their residence is their pride and joy. Hence, you likely want your property to be a reflection of your taste while simultaneously have the house ooze character. But putting together elements that will create a cohesive appearance can be a tough balancing act, especially when you consider that some inclusions seem outrightly functional at the outset. One such inclusion is security doors. Although security doors are rarely associated with beautifying your entrance, you can enjoy the best of both worlds when you opt for wrought iron. Read More»

Why Aluminium Doors Are An Excellent Choice For Homes And Businesses

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Aluminium doors are, for many reasons, a good fit for both your front and back entrances both at home and at your commercial premises. Whether it’s a new construction project or you are looking to replace your existing doors, you simply cannot go wrong with aluminium doors. Why? Here are some of the reasons why you should choose aluminium doors for your home or business. 1. Guaranteed Security Better luck next time for burglars and any other intruders trying to make it past your aluminium doors to gain unauthorised entry into your home or business. Read More»

How to Check if Your Fire Doors Are Working Correctly

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Even though you have your fire protection systems checked every year to renew your annual fire safety statement, you should keep an eye on key areas on a regular basis. Informal checks also help ensure that your building is safe. For example, your fire doors play a vital role in protecting your staff and your building. You should take a look at these doors periodically through the year to make sure they’re doing their job. Read More»