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Why Custom Wrought Iron Security Doors Will Add Value To Your Residence

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For a majority of homeowners, their residence is their pride and joy. Hence, you likely want your property to be a reflection of your taste while simultaneously have the house ooze character. But putting together elements that will create a cohesive appearance can be a tough balancing act, especially when you consider that some inclusions seem outrightly functional at the outset. One such inclusion is security doors. Although security doors are rarely associated with beautifying your entrance, you can enjoy the best of both worlds when you opt for wrought iron. Before you deliberate on other materials, look at why custom wrought iron security doors will add value to your residence.

Unrivalled longevity

Wrought iron is typically employed for the construction of gates, and this is not merely for its ornamental properties. While undeniably beautiful, wrought iron is also incomparably durable. In terms of brute force, wrought iron security doors will be difficult to breach, as this material is inherently strong. In addition to this, these doors are incredibly enduring when exposed to humidity, ultraviolet rays and precipitation, all which you can expect when living in Australia. Lastly, the fire resistance of the wrought iron gives these security doors an edge over other options, especially if your location does battle fires on occasion.

Premium aesthetics

Despite offering superior durability, wrought iron security doors are inarguably the gold standard when it comes to aesthetic appeal. Traditionally, wrought iron has always been exquisitely handcrafted to create tasteful designs that will add some charm to any property. But if you would like something unique, you can achieve that too with your wrought iron security doors. Advancements in the customisation process have brought about the use of laser cutting and the precision of this technique allows for the creation of delicate details and intricate patterns. Resultantly, there is no limit on how elaborate or nominal you want the design of your security doors to be. Instead, you are guaranteed premium aesthetics that will enhance kerb appeal and increase property value.

Basic upkeep

A good number of homeowners try to steer clear from iron-based products under the impression that they will be burdened with rigorous maintenance, but this is not the case with wrought iron. What you may be surprised to learn is that its carbon content is much lower than that of, for example, cast iron. Furthermore, the structural integrity of wrought iron that makes it immune to cosmetic damages, coupled with its solid colour that does not require powder coating, eases the amount of upkeep required. While wrought iron is vulnerable to corrosion, basic upkeep measures such as keeping the security doors oiled and sealed will mitigate the risk of rusting so the security doors should last you a lifetime.