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The Top 3 Benefits of Installing a Fire Rated Door On Your Business Premises

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Doors are the most important access control measure that you have on your business premises. However, they can also determine your safety in case of a fire. The regular doors heat up in the event of a fire. Some materials like wood even catch fire, and some frames cave in, speeding up the fire destruction. However, when you have a quality fire-rated door, you enhance your building's fire safety. Here are the top three benefits of installing fire doors on your premises. 

The Doors Stop Flames From Spreading

When a fire breaks out in a certain part of an office building, the flames are localised in one spot. However, as the fire gets bigger, it spreads to other parts of the room. For example, a small electrical fire might start on the appliance. When the flames catch the upholstery, the fire will become an inferno and burn down the room. If you do not have great measures to stop the spread of the fire to other rooms in the building, it will keep spreading and consume the neighbouring rooms. A fire door becomes the barrier that stops the spread of the fire from one room to another. The doors, therefore, minimise fire damage. 

The Doors Save Lives

When a fire breaks out in a commercial building, everyone starts looking for safe ways to escape. Sometimes, the regular metallic doors are extremely hot, and people are unable to push them open and run to safety. In other instances, the regular doors burn down and collapse, speeding up the spread of the fire from one room into another. The fire stops spreading the minute it gets to a fire-rated door because the door does not heat up or burn down. Also, the door is completely sealed, and it does not allow smoke to pass through. Therefore, people will have more time to escape and your building will have less smoke damage.

The Doors Make You Compliant

You also have to think about compliance with the law when installing doors on your premises. Fire-rated doors are an indication that you care about fire safety in your building. They are one of the features that the authorities look for during the annual fire inspections. In case anything happens on your premises, you will also have an easy time handling the insurers.

Get quality fire-rated doors for your business premises from reliable suppliers. Have competent people install the door for a safe, compliant, and secure commercial space.