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Are You Fire-Door Compliant? Find Out Below

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The role that the fire doors play is vital to the protection of any building. These doors are essential when there is a fire outbreak as they limit the spread of fire and smoke in the building to a certain degree. Tragic fire outbreaks have led to the revision of the codes relating to the fire doors. But with all the other responsibilities, building owners who have fire doors, in most cases, fall by the wayside. That limits the protection that the building is getting. As a building owner, here are tips that will help ensure that your fire door is compliant with the set regulations.

The Door Should Have A Working Closure System

If you have fire doors, they need to remain closed at all times. In case you are planning on leaving them open, you need to ensure that the self-closing device is activated. Doing so makes sure that, in case of a fire breakout, you are protected. You need to test the doors to ensure that they will close as required over time.

The Door Hinges Should be Per the Recommended Standard

The door hinges need to be strong enough to hold the door in position so that it does not break away in case of fire. You also need to ensure that they have the right amount of screws that will help ensure that the door is tight. You also need to make sure that the hinges and latches are oiled regularly. Inspect the hinges to ensure that they are not damaged and that they are not rotten.

The Door Needs To Have The Correct Sign

Another vital point to keep in mind when it comes to the fire door is that they need to have the correct signs. The signs are essential as they will help the staff and guests know how to use the doors. If you do not install the sign, then it might be challenging to use the door correctly, and that will beat the purpose of having the door installed in the first place.

Running a business can be hectic and time-consuming. But no matter how busy you are, you need to make time to inspect the fire doors. That will help ensure that the doors will offer you the protection you need in case of a fire outbreak. It will also ensure that you comply with the set regulations. For more information, contact a fire protection testing company.