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What Size of Diamond Grille Security Door Mesh Should You Choose?

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When you look at diamond grille security doors, you'll notice that the mesh size of these screens isn't always the same. Some doors have large diamonds with bigger spaces; others have smaller ones. You might not be sure how to choose between the two — what do you need to think about?

Security Differences

Both small and large diamond grille mesh doors offer the same security benefits. These doors are hard to break open or breach. However, smaller diamond designs are usually a little bit more secure than larger ones. The gaps in and around the diamonds are smaller and the mesh is more tightly packed. This makes it harder for someone to get a tool through a gap in the mesh to try and break it.  An intruder has a little more wriggle room with a larger diamond design.

So, if you live in an area where security is a concern, like if there are a lot of break-ins in your neighbourhood, then going for a smaller mesh design may be the best option. Otherwise, a larger diamond grille should work just fine.

Design Differences

While security should be your main concern with a diamond grille door, the way the door looks may also matter to you. This is often down to personal preference. For example, some people like the look of larger diamonds on a security door. A larger mesh looks more open and less obtrusive. It has a more stylish look, especially if you choose a decorative design.

On the other hand, some people don't mind the more closed-in look of a smaller mesh. They may even want to make it as obvious as possible from a distance that the door is protecting their home.

Cost Differences

If budget is an issue, then you're likely to save some money if you buy a grille security door with a larger diamond pattern. These doors typically cost a little less than small diamond grille products. Grilles with smaller diamond sizes can cost more to manufacture.

Remember that diamond size is not the only thing to consider when you choose this kind of security door. Whether you choose small or large designs, it's important to make sure that the door itself is robust. For example, welded diamond grille security options are typically the most secure. If a door is welded, then it won't contain screws or attachments that could be taken apart to open the door. To find out more, talk to security screen and door suppliers.