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What to Know When Choosing Wood for Your Fireplace

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Have you just bought a wood heater or moved into a home that comes with a wooden fireplace? If so, you may be excited about burning some wood and cozying up on the couch with a delicious cup of tea on a cold day. However, there are a few things to do before making your dream come true. One of these includes finding the right wood to use in your fireplace. You don't want firewood that will smoke and give your furniture an unpleasant smell. Also, you need wood that will burn for long periods so that you won't end up spending a fortune on firewood. That's why you need to follow these tips to ensure that you get the best wood for use.

Go for hard, dense wood

One of the primary issues to look into is the composition of the timber. Is it hard and thick or soft and light? Typically, hard and dense woods burn for extended periods and produce hotter coals as compared to soft timber. Using these will increase energy efficiency, reduce smoke, and result in savings as you don't have to use much wood, especially during the cold season. Dense woods are mostly hardwood species such as oak, ash, and hickory. However, as you buy, take care not to purchase illegal timber as most hardwoods are usually protected in natural rainforests.

Check the moisture content

The best wood for your stove or fireplace should have little moisture content. Wood with too much moisture will not burn properly, and it will also smoke in the process. Make sure that the wood is dried correctly before purchasing to avoid such problems. However, if it's not dry, you can do it yourself at home. Place it outside where it can be exposed to the sun and wind. It may be a good idea to purchase your wood early on like during the summer so that you can have at least five months to dry it before the onset of the cold season.

Store firewood correctly

Finally, ensure that your wood is store properly. Stack it in your garage or shed away from the rain and snow – don't keep firewood in the house as it can attract bugs and pests. If the wood is not dry, it should be left in the open until it dries. In this case, you need to stack it properly to allow for proper air circulation.

Getting the right firewood for your heater or fireplace is the first step to having a cozy and warm, home during the cold season. Follow these tips to ensure that you get quality and efficient timber for heating.