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Two things to consider when replacing a broken glass door

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Here are two things you should take into consideration if your glass door has broken and you intend to have a new one installed by a tradesperson who can replace glass doors.

Standard vs. Shatterproof glass

Standard glass doors are generally less expensive than ones which feature shatter-resistant glass. However, there are certain situations in which it may be worth incurring the extra costs associated with opting for the latter.

For example, if you live in a neighbourhood with high crime rates and several nearby properties have already been burgled, then it would definitely be a good idea to have a shatter-resistant glass door fitted. The reason for this is as follows; burglars sometimes choose to target properties that have doors with large glass panes, because these tend to be easy to break open. In most cases, all a burglar needs to do is strike the glass forcefully with a heavy object.

A shatter-resistant glass door may also be a worthwhile investment if you have young children, as if one of them were to accidentally throw a football or other heavy toy towards a door made with standard glass, there is a chance that it could shatter, which could, in turn, result in sharp shards of glass flying everywhere. In this scenario, your children could end up stepping on the glass and sustaining wounds on their feet.

However, if you live in a very safe area with low crime rates and do not have any young children, then there no need to spend extra money on a shatter-resistant door, as one with standard glass should be perfectly fine.

Your home's aesthetic

It's important to consider your property's overall aesthetic when choosing the frame for your new glass door.

If you fail to do this and instead choose a style of doorframe which clashes with the design of your home, your new door could end up being a bit of an eyesore.

This could not only affect how much you like your home's appearance but could also make it harder for you to sell the property in the future, as buyers may be deterred by this unattractive feature.

As such, it is worth taking your time when making this decision. Generally speaking, uPVC and metals frames (made from aluminium or stainless steel, for example) look best in modern properties, whilst wooden frames tend to be better suited to older properties that feature traditional or rustic decor.