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Don't Mess With the Mesh: The 6 Essential Properties of Security Door Mesh

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A home that lacks sufficient security measures for windows and doors in Australia can become a hotspot in more ways than one. An experienced burglar can make short work of windows and doors, even when they're closed and locked. In a country with the second highest rate of residential burglaries in the world, an unprotected home can draw burglars like moths to a flame.

As well as the increased risk of break-ins, an unprotected home may also become a stiflingly hot place to be during summer. Open windows are like catnip for burglars. As a result, window screens and security doors are growing in popularity across Australia.

However, security screens for doors and windows offer little to no protection unless they offer at least some of the following benefits.

Resistant to Corrosion

A stainless steel screen or mesh should give you years of rust-free protection. However, not all stainless steel screens are created equally. For example, marine-grade stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than standard stainless steel. Choose carefully. A rusted security door mesh will provide a burglar with access to a door's locking mechanism.


If you live in an area that experiences bushfires, a bushfire-resistant mesh for your security door will provide you and your family with an added layer of protection.

Difficult to Cut Through

A sharp knife or screwdriver can make short work of a flimsy security screen. Spend your money on a strong stainless steel mesh that can withstand blades of any type. Otherwise, the security screen is essentially useless.

Provides One-Way Vision

Burglars are known to scope out their intended victims before making their move. A security mesh that allows you to see visitors to your door clearly while limiting their view of you is well worth your investment. If a would-be burglar shows up to gauge their chances of success then, they'll be unable to gain any useful information.

Resistant to Blunt Force

Security door screens of low quality cannot stand up to blunt force trauma for very long. One particular area of weakness for lower quality security meshes is the edge, where the screen attaches to the door. Ensure that your security screen can withstand kicks and heavy blows.

Noisy When Sawed With a Blade

Even if a security door mesh is not completely knife proof, it may make a substantial racket when a burglar attempts to saw through it. A loud sawing noise in the middle of the night is bound to attract attention. Burglars know this and will not hang around.

No matter how sturdy a security screen or door appears to be, make sure you guarantee that it offers at least some of the above benefits. A seasoned burglar can bypass a low quality security door in mere minutes. To learn more, contact a company like Southern Screen Scene.