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Choosing the Right Material for Your Home's Entryway Door

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Your home's entryway door needs to be very strong and durable, while also helping to insulate the home from outside temperatures. A home's front door should also be attractive! The material you choose for an entryway door will affect its overall insulating properties as well as its appearance and durability, so note a few pros and cons of each of your choices, so you can find the best doors for your home.


Wood doors have a very traditional look and feel, and may be the most attractive option. You can also choose a paint-grade species of wood, such as pine or hemlock, and then repaint a wood door when you want to change your home's entryway appearance. Denser species, such as cherry and mahogany, are often stronger, but may be harder to sand down and prepare for paint. Also, wood is very porous, so if you need maximum insulation against extremes in temperature, choose a wood skin with an insulating foam core, as this will block out more heat and cold than a solid wood door.

Steel and aluminium

Steel doors are very strong, and may be preferred for a back door or side door, where you need the most security. Steel may also be the heaviest door material, so it might not be good for holder homes with weakened frames. Aluminium is very strong and durable, but much lighter, so it can be a good choice for older homes, and especially if you don't want to purchase a new frame along with the door itself. Aluminium doors can also be powder-coated any colour for a very attractive appearance.

Note, too, that many steel doors come with predrilled hinges, since this hardware is very thick and heavy, and household drills may not be sufficient for drilling holes into the hinge material. If you opt for a steel door without a new frame, ensure that the drill marks in the hinges line up with the holes in the existing door frame. If you're not sure how to do this properly, opt for aluminium, which is easier to drill through with a household drill.


Fibreglass doors are very strong and also very affordable, but may have an artificial look and feel that doesn't fit your home's exterior appearance. If you're on a budget, you might opt for a fibreglass door for the back or side entrances, for added insulation and protection against break-ins, while still opting for a wood or aluminium door for the front entryway.