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A Few Tips for Choosing Exterior Roller Shutters for the Home

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Exterior roller shutters can provide security and privacy for your home, and also protect windows during strong storms. They may also block out more light and sound than even the thickest and heaviest drapes, making them a good choice for people who suffer from migraines, or for homes across from loud schools or busy roadways. When you're ready to choose exterior roller shutters for your home, note a few tips to keep in mind and that will help to make your choice easier overall.


Metal shutters are probably the strongest of all materials available, so they can be good if you need maximum security for your home. However, metal can also be the loudest material, rattling in high winds or when hit by hail. Wood can also fade or otherwise show damage when exposed to storms, and may swell and then shrink when exposed to high humidity levels. Plastic or PVC may not be the strongest material against a potential intruder, but the material is softer and quieter, and less likely to suffer damage when exposed to the elements.


Roller shutters can operate with a hand crank that is located inside the home, and these may be the cheapest option, but this can also mean a slow operation of the shutters. This can be a problem if your area is prone to sudden storms, as it may take several minutes to crank all those shutters closed. A motorized, electric operation may be faster and more convenient, and especially if you want to install shutters over many windows in the home. The motorized operation can also provide more resistance against the shutter being forced open from someone on the outside, providing added security against intruders.


Don't underestimate the importance of attractive shutters for your home; plastic and metal may seem very industrial, and actually detract from your home's exterior. If you do opt for metal, have the shutters powder coated an attractive colour that coordinates with the home's trim and exterior features, such as the patio pavers or timber decking. Blue shutters can even coordinate with the blue floor of a backyard pool.

Shutters with smaller slats may require a smaller housing unit or cassette above the windows, so these are less obtrusive and less likely to detract from the home's appearance. This can be very important for a smaller home, or for a home with many windows over which you'll install the shutters; smaller cassettes will help to avoid a cluttered and busy look along the home's exterior.